Agility Software Ltd aim to develop strong, helpful, relationships with you, our customer in the long-term. Reliable support and responsive diagnosis is critical when running a business and we want to ensure that we are available to all our customers whenever needed.

Inventory Management Software support

Our Support Team do not simply focus on identifying and solving any issue that you may have with your Inventory Management Software, but are there also to provide you with guidance to ensure that you are able to get the best from the products and Stock Management software that we supply. The Support Team operates on a 24/7 basis and they are qualified technicians who are able to remotely access our customer's point of sale software.

As well as comprehensive telephone support, we are able to connect to a client's PC within seconds using state-of-the-art software and with no security risks. This means we can identify and solve critical problems rapidly giving you complete assurance and the knowledge that your business and your retail software is functioning exactly as you want it to.

Stock Management and Epos Tills support

We understand the nature of the retail industry and Agility Touch will ensure that even if your store's server goes down, your EPOS Tills will continue uninterrupted. Once the server is restored, the software will automatically update the main account with the missing transactions making our POS software highly dependable, reliable and worry-free.

All customer calls are logged into our Support database whether you are local or nationwide. This ensures that we can quickly isolate any persistent issues that can be solved by a change to the software configuration or even by some refresher training.

With the use of our on-line Help Desk customers having logged an issue are able to track progress of those issues raised in real time.

Agility Software constantly strives to improve and enhance our quality of support. Feedback is regularly reviewed and as a result refinements are applied where appropriate.

Our Inventory Management Software, Stock Management and EPOS Tills support is available throughout the United Kingdom.