Agility Software EPOS Systems

Agility Software Ltd is committed to ensure continuous improvement in relation to its products, services, customer service and support. To that end existing EPOS Systems are continually reviewed, refreshed where necessary and enhanced. Agility Software Ltd values its customers, their feedback and their thoughts about how existing EPOS Software products can be enhanced.

Working at the cutting edge of this business Agility Software strives to ensure that they meet your needs, irrespective of how small or large your business is. Here are just some of the products and services that are available.

If there is a service that you cannot see listed below, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help you.

  • Agility Professional - a back office accounting system
  • Agility Touch - touch screen point of sale
  • EDI Manager - electronic data interface
  • Signature Pad - electronic signature
  • Mobile Applications - mobile retail solutions
  • Totally integrated card solution - credit card application
  • EPOS system installed on a till register.
  • Professional EPOS Software

A fully integrated Financial Accounting, Stock Control and Point of Sale software application that incorporates Nominal, Purchase and Sales Ledgers, Purchase and Sales Ordering, Quotations, Fixed Asset Management, Electronic Point of Sale - EPOS, Stock Management includes Works Order Processing, Delivery and Collection Management.

Agility Professional is a multi-company, multi-currency, multi-branch product currently used in warehousing and retail software solutions. The POS application is totally scalable installed currently in the single till shop up to department stores with 30+ tills. It supports totally integrated credit card authorisation, loyalty card processing and gift card sales and redemption. Cash and account sales are fully supported with automatic discount structures for account holders and automatic sale from quotation.

Core features include:

  • EPOS systems for cash or credit sales
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Purchase Order Processing and Purchase Ledger
  • EPOS software for electronic Data Interchange
  • Sales order Processing and Sales Ledger
  • Nominal Ledger
  • EPOS for Security
  • Multi-user
  • Stock Control
  • Multi Currency
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Fixed Asset Register

And now web ordering is available. Orders can be placed on-line straight to your store, which synchronises the information and automatically updates your stock control and delivery information. This is for both account and cash customers using a secure payment method.

Our software solutions are available throughout the United Kingdom.

Our EPOS solutions

Agility Touch

This is a stand-alone, touch screen point of sale application that interfaces to the database created by Agility Professional. It has a very user-friendly interface with all the functionality of Agility Professional whilst using the latest hardware technology. In the unlikely event that the server or network fails however Agility Touch will continue to operate thus guaranteeing that the shop can continue to sell.

EDI Manager

All Agility products can be used in a multi-branch scenario via electronic data interface (EDI). This product controls the flow of information between the head office and branches capturing sales information for each branch at head office and distributing stock, prices and availability to all branches. EDI Manager has comprehensive 'hand-shaking' confirming to the sender that the receiver has read and processed all data sent, therefore leading to vastly improved management using the Agility Inventory Management System.

Signature Pad

Agility Software can capture account holders signatures at both point of sale and on delivery using a mobile solution. These signatures are stored and can be re-produced at any time.

Signature Pad can be stationed alongside your EPOS system, which can prompt the need for a signature driving an increase in stock management, control and security for your business. For more information please see the detailed solution on the right of this page.

Mobile Applications

Agility Software supports two mobile solutions one for in the store and the other for deliveries and remote sales: For detailed information regarding the benefits and features of these applications please see the detailed solution on the right of this page.

Totally integrated card solution

Agility Software together with our partners YesPay International provide fully integrated credit card authorisation from all our touch screen and keyboard driven EPOS tills. Certified to PCI DSS (Level 1) this solution offers the retail store rapid authorisation with no need for dual keying and expensive telephone lines. For more information contact agility software or your local reseller

Loyalty and Marketing

Agility Loyalty is a fully integrated loyalty solution offering the customer facility to collect points whenever they purchase goods and to redeem those points at the point of sale. Points can be awarded across all products and customized to fit current promotions. The information you capture about your customer base's spending patterns can be used to market effectively and target specific markets using 'permission based' marketing via SMS or email.